Making Wise Kingdom Investments

On Sunday, the gospel reading was taken from Matthew 25:31-40, where Jesus told the parable of the rich man who gave his servants a sum of money.  To one he gave five thousand; to another he gave two thousand and to the last he one thousand.  The first and second servant doubled the money by investing wisely but the third in his fear went and hid his money.  Upon the rich man’s return, his joy with the first two servants was downturned by his disappointment with the third servant.

While the obvious message from the text would be to focus on the slothfulness of the third servant, I was moved by the number of talents each servant received.  Five represents grace; two represents witness and ministry; and one represents unity. Stretching and challenging the meaning of the text, I began to see a bit more taking place which challenges our stewardship in the kingdom.

According to I Corinthians 12, each one of us represent various parts of the body. These parts work together to strengthen the entire body. Coupling that understanding with the parable, I see the gifts of grace, witness/ministry and unity as necessities of the ministry.  As we have been given, we need to sow and invest in the world. Burying what we have been given, deprives the body of what is needed and affects the advancement of the Kingdom.

May we be faithful with the investment God has made in us.