Lessons From Tragedy

masksMany who were aware of his comedic genius were shocked to learn recently of the death of Robin Williams.  How could the man who made so many laugh and forget about troubles be so depressed that he could not forget about his own?  It was so sad that the only way he saw fit to deal with all that he was going through was to end his life.

Often times we do not understand how powerful depression is.  It is no respecter of persons.  Many have claimed to be depressed when in actuality they are just feeling the blues.  Depression can be  so debilitating at times that the sufferer just can’t seem to do anything about it.  It is as if there is an oppressive spirit that refuses to let up.  This can sometimes lead to the sufferer hurting themselves or dying.  So, what can be done to help?

We can:

  • pray that God’s Spirit will help us to be sensitive to the needs of those around us.  Sometimes smiles are masks being used to cover the pain.  Being aware of the struggles of another might bring about a necessary connection that can be the catalyst help and change.
  • reach out to agencies that might be able to intervene or help us with intervention strategies. Or we can research help guides such as this (http://www.helpguide.org/mental/depression_tips.htm) to guide us in the right direction.
  • find ways to assure the one who is suffering that we are there for them. Encourage them to take their medicines.
  • pray, pray, pray. Come against the oppressive spirit; pray for strength for the individual; pray for God’s peace and joy to penetrate the gloominess of the spirit.

This list is just a suggestion and is not intended to stand in the place of what is suggested by a doctor or professional.  However, it can provide a way forward.

If you know of someone suffering encourage them to seek professional help.  Feel free to apply the strategies above.  Seek wisdom.  Having done all, stand.


Feels Like Something New

Sometimes we go through seasons where we make changes.  Some of these changes move us forward while some are not as effective as we might think.  In this ever-changing world, we find ourselves wondering if some the things we do are really necessary.  One such consideration is whether or not attending church is needed or relevant.  Many of us have felt that staying at home and worshiping God in ‘our own way’ is quite fine for us.  Others of us have wondered whether God is even real.

While arguments may be presented to substantiate any opinion held, there is one strong consideration to acknowledge: given all that is going on in the world, there must be greater supernatural forces that are affecting our world, whether for good or for bad.  With all the calamities and catastrophes there is still something or someone out there that is giving hope and strength to endure while another is causing despair and hopelessness.

If you are in the midst of a struggle or being challenged by a struggle, then join us at the following worship service.

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